Saturday, December 09, 2006

???? The title

I named the blog because my intentions were to write about my "ups and downs" of dieting.
I haven't written a word about it.
I go to W.W. on Sat. and it has truly changed my life. As of today I have lost 74.2 pounds since the beginning of this year. I started in earnest going to meetings etc. around April.
I don't consider it a "diet" but a way of life. Which is why I think is why it is finally clicking this time.
People who do not have obese weight problems do not understands the milestones that come with losing 70+ pounds. Moving the car seat to a "normal" upright position and closer to the wheel, dropping 2 clothes sizes, your shoes fit better, you can sit in a booth at a restaurant instead of waiting for a table to become available, you just can't imagine the things everyone else takes for granted that I fret over on a daily basis are getting easier.
I have great support from the girls that go with me on B. and P. and I also always have neverending support from Schmoopie-Thanks, I love you.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Some say I have abandoned.

Not abandoned, just not feeling creative. 40+ hours of work in a 4 day work week = 10+ hours a day at work plus the 40 minute drive to and from. By the time I get home at night I am brain dead. Also, that is the only 30-45 min. a day I get to see my man while he is showering, shaving, ironing, eating, and leaving for that "all-forsaken" night job. BUT, I thank God everyday that he did get that job and likes it. Is doing well, getting kudos from the management for some tough situations ie: fights and ceilings falling in--ice and snow here in good ole MO. So, I should stop whining like a pooper and pull up my big girl panties and deal!!!!
Plus, I don't have anything fun and exciting going on right now to write about. No kids, no projects, NOTHIN'.
Sometimes boring is good.