Monday, December 01, 2008

Friend 1 and Friend 2

Well my friend called. Called to see if I check my email and did I know that the kids had upcoming events to attend. I called her back and we talked for 45 min, like we had last talked yesterday. ???? I guess in a sense this is a true friend when you can not talk for months and nothing seems different.
On the other hand I went out with another friend (friend 2) and her friend shopping and to dinner. I guess I said something wrong or did something that pissed her off, because when she and her friend got in her car the door couldn't close before she was ranting about me. I know it was about me because her friend was facing me and the look of horror on her face as I was watching friend 2 rant told it all. I suppose friend 2's friend told her I was watching her rant because next thing friend 2 is knocking on my passenger window to lend me a CD we had talked about over dinner, she called me on my way home, later at home, and the next day. GUILT is a bitch. I chose not to talk to her until day 3. (I did return one phone call and LM letting her know I had seen that she had called.) My own guilt.
I did not say anything to her about the event and did not acknowledge her comments about "ditching her for 2 days". I am not a confrontational person and wondered over the 2 days: maybe I it was me. I know I am a very sarcastic person and make fun in a loving way. I know she has very thin skin and takes EVERYTHING to heart and is somewhat gullible. Maybe I just crossed her line. Although she does talk about people to others. I just never thought she talked about me and especially not in front of my face.
Lesson learned.


The Young Ones said...

I do agree with the statement that it is a "true friend when you can not talk for months and nothing seems different". You know I have that same issue with S and it is so funny. Life just pulls us in all directions at this age and we will not talk forever. Then we talk for a couple hours and cannot stop. And like you would call her my BFF. As for the other "friend" whatever. I do not know of you could call her a friend. That pissed ME off damn it! You have a personality that is funny and sarcastic, what is not to love. It is not your lesson, or your fault, she sucks. My opinion and I am entitles to it! haha At least you can laugh last! Love you, Miss T

Schmoopie said...

It sounds like she was hurt by something you said and wanted to vent about it but damn! It really sucks that she couldn't wait to drive away before she started ranting.

The fact is that we all talk about each other. It is in our nature. A good friend speaks kindly or with concern about her other friends, not with bitterness, anger or jealousy.

Call me when you get a chance. Love ya!

KelKel said...

MIss T, Thanks for your wisdom and love!

Schmoop, good to talk to you last night, thanks for always being strong and seeing both sides. Love ya.

Schmoopie said...

Happy Christmas to you! Love you :)

The Young Ones said...

OK, I need you to update your bloggy thingy or email me or facebook me. I would love to talk more! Thanks for being proud of my weightloss, I am excited too! I feel ACTUAL progress...too cool. How r u? -Tonya