Sunday, January 25, 2009

No chewing!

Well today is the first day of "it's all about me". I have chosen to do a "fasting diet". Controlled by my M.D. It is supposed to take off a lot of weight rapidly. 5-6 shakes a day plus, broth, s.f. jello, diet soda. Hence, no chewing. I think I will be going through a lot of gum!! This a.m. wasn't bad. This afternoon was O.K., not hungry just used to snacking when I am bored and B.F. just made popcorn!! UGH! That is/was my downfall, salty crispy, crunchy! It will be O.K. I just have to make it through the first few days and when I see the results it will all be worth it!


Schmoopie said...

I think about you each day and how difficult this must be. I totally admire you for having the strength to stick to it. Keep your eyes on the prize!

KelKel said...

Thanks. I know that I always have your support, no matter what I do. Love ya.

The Young Ones said...

So I did not read this entry til today, how is it going? I would love to have an update! Love ya! Tonya